In a “stream of consciousness” post on social media earlier today, I posted some of what you will read below. It appeared to resonate with people, so I thought I would blog it on LibertyRI. I say that, not because you need this explanation(If you follow us, you likely feel the same way). I’m posting this so you can share with your friends who may not understand the value that you place on liberty, freedom, and our constitutional rights….

As a Libertarian, I have found that many people have difficulty separating my support for an individual’s, or groups’ rights from their personal choices. I’m finding that many people are of the opinion that, because you stand for a person’s rights, that you support their choice as well.

I do opt my daughter out of PARCC testing, but that does not mean that I am anti-assessment…just in this case(do your research on PARCC).

I do not believe the government should force a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease on elementary school children, This does not make me an “anti-vaccer”

I believe that drugs should be legal(I prefer education and treatment as opposed to prosecution and incarceration for non-violent offenses), that does not mean that I believe people should do drugs.

I do support gun rights. This does not mean that I do or do not own a firearm(if you really must know, try breaking into our home late one evening to confirm, either way)

I support free speech…no matter how offensive and repugnant the content may be…that does not mean I support a persons personal view on a subject…just their right to have the opinion and voice it.

In short, don’t make assumptions about a person’s social or political views because they acknowledge and support the rights of others afforded to us under the Constitution.