“In a contest of ideas, the way to win is to have the best ideas and to communicate them most effectively. The rest eventually will follow. When I think of communicating libertarian ideas uncompromisingly and effectively, I inevitably think of my friend Jacob Hornberger.”

Dr Ron Paul

The race for the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination is well underway. As with most presidential election years, there is a large field of candidates running for the nomination some more serious and active than others.

However, there has been one candidate in our judgment has stood out amongst the rest. A messenger for liberty and freedom that presents a clear and principled message which aligns with what we here at Liberty RI strive to promote. That candidate is Jacob Hornberger.

Jacob has been a voice for the liberty movement for over 30 years through his work at the Future of Freedom Foundation (www.fff.org) of which he is founder and president.  If you have been following Liberty RI for any length of time you have undoubtedly read an article or two from fff.org and shared by us.

His positions are consistently and unapologetically libertarian. He is vehemently anti-war and boldly advocates for ending the US interventionist foreign policy and the dismantling of the warfare state. Jacob is also an outspoken advocate for ending the war on drugs that has devastated minority communities. He supports the abolition of the ever-expanding and overreaching national security and surveillance state that has destroyed individual freedom in our country. He’s a champion for a peaceful immigration policy that allows for the free flow of people and trade, You will not find a stronger supporter of the second amendment. You can learn more about his positions here

It is because of his dedication to the cause of liberty and clear messaging that Liberty RI is endorsing Jacob Hornberger for the Libertarian Party nomination for President and to be the standard-bearer for libertarian principles in the upcoming Presidential election.  

If you are in the southern New England area and interested in following Jacob on social media: