We keep seeing all of the complaining about companies that are considering or choosing to open their doors on Thanksgiving. Rode Island, as well as Massachusetts and Maine, already ban the practice. Setting aside the fact that some people may want to work because they need the extra cash, you know, since RI is the model of prosperity in this country, why stop with retail?

I think football should be banned from Thanksgiving. Not only do the players have to work but the camera crews, the people that run the stadium, the vendors, the maintenance crews, security, ushers, etc. All so they can make millions in advertising and we can enjoy a little entertainment after dinner, greedy bastards. A shame. Boycott football on Thanksgiving!

How about all the damn restaurants? They need to close too, greedy owners taking advantage of their staff and capitalizing on all the lazy people who don’t want to cook their own damn dinner. Disgusting!

While we’re at it all those hospitals, and nursing homes, Gas stations, airports, taxi services, emergency roadside assistance, nothing but a bunch of low life capitalist pigs.

No labor should be performed on any holiday, period!

The moral and ethical thing to do is pass a law and mandate all these things be shut down via the threat of violence. If they don’t shut down, we fine them. If they still disobey, we send men and women wearing uniforms with guns onto their private property to order them to close up shop. If they refuse, cuff them and throw ’em into cages. If they resist, beat the living hell out of them. Oh wait, then those people in uniform would have to work on a holiday too, where does it end!

Or, we could just let the market work and if people really think it’s a bad idea they won’t shop and the stores will have no incentive to open.