The Libertarian Party of RI is passing the liberty torch so to speak. Mike Rollins the former chair of the organization has stepped down to pursue other interests and take a break from politics.

Pat Ford has stepped up to take over as Chairman along with the following:

Vice Chair: Scott Rotondo
Treasurer: Beth Richardson
Secretary: Duane Horton
Member at Large: Tony Jones

The announcement on their facebook group included this statement:

Our Mission:

A dedication to restoring the personal freedoms & civil liberties of all Rhode Islanders The creation of a truly free-market economy, absent of the crony corporatism that has besieged Rhode Island for generations, so that all may prosper. A foreign policy of free trade, non-intervention, and peace as intended by America’s founders.

Join Us.

The Rhode Island Libertarian Party …. Fiscally Prudent, Socially Cool.

Talking with Pat, he mentioned that there will be an informal meet up in the near future to start the ball rolling. Keep an eye on the LPRI Facebook Group for date, time, and place. Of course we will do our best to get this posted here in the events section.

This is great news, and now the work begins.