The perennial bill to prevent warrantless surveillance and tracking of your cellphone has been reintroduced in the general assembly. Every year this bill is introduced it is tabled for further study in both the House and Senate.

As noted in the article from the Tenth Amendment Center:

Bills introduced in the Rhode Island House and Senate would ban the warrantless collection of electronic data and the use of “stingrays” to track the location of phones and sweep up electronic communications in most situations. Passage of the bill would not only protect privacy in Rhode Island; it would also hinder the federal surveillance state.

A bipartisan coalition of eight senators introduced Senate Bill 134 (S134) on Jan. 26. A coalition of five Republicans introduced a companion bill (H5319) on Feb. 1. Titled the “Electronic Information and Data Privacy Act,” the legislation would prohibit law enforcement agencies from obtaining “the location information, stored data, or transmitted data of an electronic device; or electronic information or data transmitted by the owner of the electronic information or data to a remote computing service provider without a warrant based on probable cause.

Tenth Amendment Center – Rhode Island Bill Would Limit Warrantless Electronic Data Collection, Hinder Federal Surveillance

These bills have been submitted to the Judiciary Committees in their respective chambers. The House bill is scheduled to be heard on February 17th, 2022 No hearing has been scheduled in the Senate.

Please contact your Representative and Senator as well as the members of the Judiciary Committees

House Judiciary:

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Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee[email protected]401-222-4435TwitterFacebook
Rep. Jason Knight[email protected]617-943-6532TwitterFacebook
Rep. Edith Ajello[email protected]401-274-7078Facebook
Rep. Jose Batista[email protected]401-533-2226TwitterFacebook
Rep. David Bennett[email protected]401-480-4647Facebook
Rep. Justine Caldwell[email protected]401-212-7320TwitterFacebook
Rep. Julie Casimiro[email protected]401-474-7961TwitterFacebook
Rep. Arthur Corvese[email protected]401-353-8695
Rep. Leonela Felix[email protected]401-365-4182Facebook
Rep. John Lombardi[email protected]401-453-3900TwitterFacebook
Rep. Thomas Noret[email protected]401-641-0813Facebook
Rep. David Place[email protected]401-286-2088TwitterFacebook
Rep. Sherry Roberts[email protected]401-222-2259TwitterFacebook
Rep. Camille Vella-Wilkinson[email protected]401-952-7340TwitterFacebook
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Senate Judiciary:

Sen. Cynthia Armour Coyne[email protected]401-222-6655
Sen. Stephen R. Archambault[email protected]401-276-5589TwitterFacebook
Sen. Leonidas P. Raptakis[email protected]401-229-4146
Sen. John P. Burke[email protected]401-374-4721Facebook
Sen. Dawn M. Euer[email protected]401-276-5589TwitterFacebook
Sen. Frank S. Lombardi[email protected]401-453-3900TwitterFacebook
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