Do you remember where you were driving at 12:39 PM last Tuesday? The Goverenment does. 

Make no mistake, your every move is being tracked by the government. From speed and traffic cameras, toll gantries, license plate scanners on police vehicles, facial recognitions systems,, REAL ID. mass collection of cell phone and online data. Your every move is being recorded and stored to be retrieved at a later date for whatever reason. Put that into other context in which it is said that the average American unknowingly commits 3 felonies a day

The government continues to increase their reach adding more and more cameras and technologies to their arsenal in the name of public safety. At the same time desensitizing the public to the presence of these devices. If you have a government issued ID, they already have a facial reignition capable image of you on file.


But, you know who else wants your information? We do, so we can connect and fight these tyrants together. The irony of the request is not lost on us. 

The difference is our request is voluntary, no one has a gun to your head, and we promise to never lock you in a cage.